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Dot Graphics Pvt. Ltd. exports printing services to more than 35 countries within North America, Europe, Asia and South America and has the resources to execute outsourced printing jobs with international quality requirements.

It is no wonder that our Client Portfolio features some of the most prominent brands from India and abroad . We provide printing services to clients from various industries including FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Education, Publishing, etc.

Printing Press Machines (Equipments)

  • Heidelberg CD-4 & CD-5 Color plus coater
  • Komori 6 Color plus Coater
  • Heidelberg SM-2 Color

PrePress Machines (Equipments)

  • Automatic Plate Processor
  • Plate Exposing Machine

Post PressMachines (Equipments)

  • Varnish and UV Coating Machines
  • Automatic Punching Machines
  • Hot Stamping Foil Machines

Quality Testing Machines (Equipments)

  • Blister Sealing Machine
  • Bursting Strength Tester
  • Cobb Value Tester
  • Spectrometer

Printing Press Machines (Equipments)

  • Heidelberg CD-4 & CD-5 Color plus coater
  • Komori 6 Color plus Coater
  • Heidelberg SM-2 Color

We Care For You

The digital revolution has put a dynamic spin on the printing and packaging industry.What was considered to be a threat to the industry has proved tp have a very minimal effect in hinsight,with print media still remaining a popular medium for businesses in their communication efforts.

Our product personalization services work towards bringing glorious life to your printed materials. Our team of experienced digital printing specialists work closely with client representatives at all stages of production, offering advice, suggestions, ideas that will ensure that the finished product is of exceptional quality, often extending client expectations! Text, images, graphics can be adapted and customized to make the final product unique, one-of-a-kind.

We assure the standardized, high-quality and international grade work that our clients have come to expect of Dot Graphics Pvt. Ltd. Quality Assurance is applied right from testing of the raw material before printing to sorting the final product. In addition, details of each printing job are recorded including batch numbers and quality of all raw materials like ink, paper, coating, etc. to ensure a quality final product.

We Are Global

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What We Do?


We print all types of books including single ruled and double ruled notebooks, textbooks as well as magazines and journals. Apart from books, we also provide automated finishing of books such as folding of pages and binding of books.


Dot Graphics prints danglers, 3D danglers, and promotional danglers in multi-colour offset processes in a variety of sizes and shapes as per the client requirement. Danglers also help increase visibility of products and are an effective tool.

Paper Bags

One of our unique product offerings is paper bags which includes shopping bags as well as customized gift bags. We also provide printing on these bags to match your company brand and logo as well as various designs to suit the gifting occasion.

Backer Cards

Backer cards or blister cards are mainly used in background material in product packaging or product display. These require very high-quality and rich color, glossy finish as they are used to create product awareness or to motivate sales.


Cartons and cardboard packages have diverse uses in various industries. At Dot Graphics, we print logos and other information on cartons and packages customized to industry and company requirements and specifications.

Planners & Calenders

Planners and Calendars work as great corporate promotion material. At Dot Graphics we customize the graphics, look, color and printing of all types of wall calendars, desk calendars, poster calendars and hanging calendars for individual clients.

Flyers & Leaflets

Flyers and leaflets used for promotional purposes, advertising, notices, menu cards etc require high-quality and rich, full-colour printing to create the maximum impact. We print all types of flyers and leaflets, both folded as well as single sheets.

Labels & Stickers

Dot Graphics offers labels and stickers printing services for individual as well as commercial use. Printing services range from decals, address labels, mailing labels, stickers, etc for various consumer product goods like cosmetic products etc.

Posters & Banners

Dot Graphics prints all types of banners and posters for our clients, including large format posters, short run posters, vinyl banners.


We print all types of books including single ruled and double ruled notebooks, textbooks as well as magazines and journals.

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